"A safe and reliable partner from inception to the shelf"

Matthew Dyal, Deputy Managing Director

Industrial Formats

We can produce a large range of different tablet shapes and sizes within our industrial pharmaceutical specialties manufacturing unit.

Thompson & Capper:
  • Do produce tablets from just a few milligrams in weight to large blocks weighing over 100g.
  • Do produce round or square tablets, we can even make wafers or tubes for more challenging applications.
  • Do produce tablets with a half or quarter breakline tops to enable good dosage flexibility.
  • Offer a large selection of standard shapes and sizes but also produce more unusual designs for more specialised applications. For example, where the tablet becomes an integral component of the device, we can have bespoke tooling manufactured so that our tablets can be "made to measure".
  • Have capability to produce effervescent tablets in a range of different chemical compositions, shapes and sizes.
  • Develop and accommodate many different packaging solutions.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.