Research & Development

"A safe and reliable partner from inception to the shelf"

Matthew Dyal, Deputy Managing Director

How do we develop products for you?

At Thompson & Capper, our sales managers utilise trend and market analysis alongside new supplier/ingredient assessment by our NPD manager to provide concept formulations for new product development and existing product optimisation. These formulations are then further refined and developed, piloted and production-trialled by our in-house product development team.

Our dedicated product development laboratory facilities are fully equipped to develop your formulation and include tablet and capsule making equipment and a laboratory sized coater for coating development and trials. We then use the extensive internal expertise and experience within our production team to transfer the product to full scale production and finalise product, process and packaging specifications.

This combination of experience and technology means that we can also quickly take existing products into our plant if your own manufacturing capacity is limited and where buffer production or outsourcing may be required.

Where required, our technical team is also able to analyse and/or develop specific quality assured methodologies to measure the stability of active ingredients in the finished product. This applies to both food supplements and industrial speciality tablets.

If you are looking for softgel capsules or oral liquid formulations, we can work with our sister companies, Eurocaps and Laleham, to develop and then manufacture these for you.

Thompson & Capper continues to offer unrivalled experience in developing tablet solutions, working in partnership with you to solve your ingredient delivery problems. … try us !!