This is how we work

This is how we work

Our process from idea to finished product

1.	Insights

1. Insights

With our collective knowledge and expertise, our ideas are built on a foundation of three things; insights, trends and a passion for developing initial ideas into unique products.

At Thompson & Capper we take pride in the work we produce. We invest our time in researching and hosting workshops that are structured and primarily focused on growing concepts that evolve into a structured idea.

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2.	Research & Development

2. Research & Development

Research and development are an extremely important factor here at Thompson & Capper.  We research and develop your ideas and employ current health trends. Our NPD team will assist, advise and provide concept formulations for all new projects.

We will then refine and develop this further by trialling it with our in-house research team. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology, and it is at this stage that our experts enhance product packaging solutions.

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3.	Manufacturing

3. Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing we have a variety of different presses we use to create each unique product. Each tablet we produce is different, meaning the process and direction we take to create each tablet will be too.

We can accommodate your requirements because of our know-how for modern technology. We are experienced, equipped and ready to help you with the most complex, unusual custom design requests regardless of what size or shape.

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4.	Logistics

4. Logistics

From the outset to the finished product we are there. Our logistics are integral to the overall service we offer at Thompson & Capper. It is our goal to successfully integrate new products seamlessly into your portfolio.

Our offering is showcased through forward thinking, planning as well as purchasing, but this also applies to production, storage and assertive customer service.

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5.	Distribution

5. Distribution

Before we dispatch your goods, we will ensure all finished products are wrapped and palletised. It is important to us that the execution of distributing products runs smoothly and efficiently.

With excellent proximity to nearby motorways, airports, rail and sea-freight hubs, our logistics team can arrange fast, reliable and secure delivery to worldwide destinations.

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